Questions you need to ask from your Wedding Photographer

Questions you need to ask from your Wedding Photographer

Questions you need to ask from your Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer: It is our responsibility to interpret what they want, not the clients. For this reason, we have built a list of questions that we ask our real customers to make everyone sit quietly and understand each other. No more headaches and turmoil trying to guess what the consumer wants.

Wedding Photographer – In these pictures, what is the emotion, feeling, or vibe that you want to portray?

Is it fun, playful, mysterious, good-looking, extreme, etc…?

This is the most important question you’re going to ask, potentially. Customers have given us a visual of what they want sometimes and then the feeling behind it and they conflict. Taking the emotion and interpreting it is our work.

What is the primary objective of selecting us as a photographer? What do you like about our photographs?

You need to know why you were selected by them. Is it because of your lighting, the images feel, the models you use, the work of your photoshop, your ideas, colors, energy?

We ask this so that, when making a picture for them, we know what to concentrate on. Maybe because they like the bright orange color you use, they just chose you. What if you build for them a dark image?

It’s all about reaching into the customer’s mind and making sure they are fully pleased with the end product.

Professional Excellence – Wedding Photographer

If you do not know how to use it, it does not matter if you have the best camera, lens, and other photographic technology.

The photographic equipment today comes with a multitude of features and choices, many more than will ever be expected by most wedding photographers.

Getting the latest technology feels fantastic, but sometimes an incompetent or inexperienced wedding photographer doesn’t quite get to grips with how a feature works, or when or when it should be used. Equipment doesn’t make you a better photographer all by itself.


The imagination used to create a picture can be the difference between an ordinary photo and an incredible photo.

Creativity comes with intelligence, experience, and desire, the source of many intense debates and infinitely open to interpretation.

An outstanding photograph seldom comes from someone absent in one of these three regions.

I’ve seen photographers who have a lot of expertise and experience, but their desire is non-existent, with little to no interest in pushing the limits of their imagination, only doing the bare minimum to produce what would be called an average picture.

Capable of working to a deadline

When looking for a wedding photographer, this is an often overlooked or unconsidered detail, and it can be difficult to predict how your photographer will work on the day.

Finding out how professional your photographer is is the key here, and finding out whether they ask the right questions to enable them to help ensure that you get the images you want.

Team Aperture Gear meets all the requirements we mentioned above. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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